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I meant to do this a lot sooner. In fact I had planned on starting work on this at the beginning of December so I could be on the ball at the end of the year and have it posted the last week. Well life took over and it just wasn’t possible.

2009 was a big year both personally and professionally. I really felt I stepped things up this year and expanded the way I see and make photographs. I was blessed with a couple of great stories and many opportunities to make great images, which you can only feel blessed about. As strong as I started out I felt I started to lose my spark the last three months of the year and didn’t feel productive. There are several extenuating circumstances that caused this but more than anything I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy living in South Dakota anymore and I wasn’t happy working at the Journal. I love the people I got to work with. I loved being on staff with Ryan and Kristina, who were behind me, pushing me everyday to be better, but something was missing. It was time to move on, staying would have been detrimental both to myself and to the paper. After some soul searching and talks with my better half I decided it was time to move and complete my bachelors, if for no other reason than finishing what I started. So I up and got rid of nearly everything I owned, packed my car with the rest and said goodbye to everything I know. Onto new adventures, new locations and new people to make photos of.

I logged a lot of miles in 2009 and spent more than my fair share of time behind a windshield as I traveled all over the state of South Dakota, into Yellowstone country, up into Montana and down south to the Colorado border. I spent a few unforgettable days in New Orleans as well. Each a life experience. Some fun and unforgettable, some to watch the union of two people and one very real reminder that life is short. Too short to not chase your dreams. Too short to not take chances. Too short to not live the way you want to. Too short to care about what other people think, we are all beautiful in our own way and have our own story to tell. I’ve always thought this way but it took the untimely death of my cousin and his son to make me truly realize how short life can be and how you need to seize every moment and make it your own. This is me taking chances. This is me chasing my dreams. I want to be the best and I want to see the world and share it one frame at a time. It’s not going to be easy but nothing in life worth having comes easy.

Most importantly this year I spent time with the most amazing girl I’ve ever met, who supports me chasing my crazy dreams and loves me unconditionally. I realized I have the best friends in the world who are proud of me and are pushing me to be the best. I have a family who loves me and may not always understand what I’m doing or why but they accept it as Seth being Seth and everything will come out fine in the end. 2009 may not have been the best year I’ve ever had but at least I had great company to pass the time.

This is for Kelly and Gunnar. No matter where the road in life takes me there will be a piece of you with me, seeing everything you didn’t get an opportunity to see. A tragic reminder to live every moment to the fullest and chase these crazy dreams. It breaks my heart this had to come with your passing.

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I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all and I think about everyone of you on a daily basis.

Love and Light,


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